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IPACS membership

This page provides information how to become a member of the IPACS — The International Physics And Control Society. More information about the IPACS see at

Anyone can become a member of the IPACS if he/she will contribute to the Society Electronic Library (Archive) located on the Society website. Any member will have access to the Society Archive. To be included into the Society Archive, the paper should receive positive reviews from two Society members or external experts.

To become a member, one needs to register, to submit a paper and to confirm acceptance of the IPACS Regulations. The membership certificate will be sent as soon as two positive reviews from the Society members are received. To submit a paper to the IPACS Archive the conference management system CoMS is to be used. If you are not registered yet, you need register first at the page “User info”. As soon as you register, enter your virtual office and follow instructions for submission to Archive.

The authors of the papers accepted to the IPACS sponsored or co-sponsored conferences (currently Physcon 2005, Physcon 2007, ALCOSP 2007, PSYCO 2007) are eligible to become members without submitting extra papers since their papers have already passed peer reviewing. All such authors are invited to join IPACS by the following procedure: enter your virtual office by typing your PIN and password in the form in the upper right corner of the page. Then confirm your wish to become an IPACS member and acceptance of the IPACS regulation by checking the box and press the button "Submit". You will get access to the IPACS archive immediately and receive your membership certificate in a few weeks. IPACS Regulations can be accessed here.

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